20 November 2011


Assalamualaikum Wr Wb friends :* In this newest (20-11-2011) post, I wanna use full English . It's good for improving my English skill LOL . Anticipate for that guys .

I wanna tell you something that really burden me sometime . I have some habit or I can say these are personalities of mine . I talk a lot, I spill a lot of harsh word, I curse every time, I underestimate other people, too honest even a bad thing of other people I really can't keep that for myself . No, I'm not telling other people secret . I just can't keep feeling if I dislike someone for myself. I'll tell someone else (friend of mine) or that people who I disliked . Sorry

I have a lot of burdensome cause of this personalities . A lot of people dislike me being too honest . A lot of people dislike me being too harsh in words . Really, I just can't control my mouth . If they really know me 'till my deepest heart they will understand me though . Such as my best friends . They really understand me, they always stand beside me when I need partner . Stand behind me when I'm too lazy, they will be my cheering team . Stand in front of me when I need a guidance .

I put on a lot of troubles because of myself . I put on a lot of fight . Not a punching fight, but mouth fight actually . I win a lot . Yes, I show off :P

I'm not a bad person . I'm a warm person actually . I'm not putting frown face every time though . I smile a lot . Especially when my friends are around, I can make myself laughing hard . I can be a good person . I have good manners if someone have manners to me too . I'll respect someone if he or she respect me too . I'm good to older people .

Purpose of this post isn't to praise myself . But by typing these all words myself I want to convince myself that I'm not that bad like other people always think about me . I want to be positive thinking though .

Yeah I'll end this post here . I have nothing to add though . Annyeong everybody :* See you next post :3

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