04 August 2011

serious thing

Every single person has a different characteristic
There is a person who will laugh when everyone is crying
There is a person who will sad too when everyone is sad
And there is a person who will think about his/her past sorrow when everyone is letting go

Person who you think is your friend, maybe he/she thinks that you are not his/her friend
Friend has to be a person who listen about your problem whenever you tell her
She listens it very careful and
But person who calls herself your friend but never listen to your story, she isn't your true friend
She wants you to listen but she never listen to you

Person who be with you in your 'best' time is your friend
But person who always on your side in your 'best' and 'worst' time is your bestfriend
Bestfriend never leave you
Bestfriend accompany you everytime and everywhere