15 February 2013


Lihat ada tweet post yang isinya “masa papa kerja banting tulang aku malah santai-santai” . Somehow, reading the tweet makes me think too. Think about me, and think about the poster. Why I think about me? Because I think that aku itu juga lagi santai-santai, belom bisa tau when I have to study or when I can relax, watching some B.A.P things. These times, I have to realize that my WAR time is approaching me! But I can’t even concentrate. A lot of things distract me. By the way, I don’t want to talk about this. This is just make me think soooo muuuuch thing! And I don’t know how I can throw my concern out and membersihkan otak biar bisa konsen belajar. It require hard work.

Nah, kalo soal posternya nih gini. From my observation, dia itu bukan orang yang cukup humble. Dia bukan orang yanng cukup baik buat bicara kayak gitu. Why? Because she is waaaaay too often throwing his daddy’s money to hang out with her friends. Not the cheap hang out places, but the expensive one. How in the hell she can say that. Kalo udah bilang gitu ya udaaah, gausah main main ke tempat mahal sana gih! It got into my nerve knowing how fake you are!

Apa tweeting this quote, that quote, tweeting something about how much you love your parents make you famous? I do not think so. Everybody who knows you in the REAL life will not believe your babbles! They, termasuk aku, bakal ngecap kamu orang bullshit, pembohong dan sebagainya. Maybe, some of your followers will believe. But don’t hope that people around you will give comment or even a glance to your bullshit posts. Maybe I am too kind commenting you like this. Someone like you is only deserve to be ignored.

Okay, DONE.

10 February 2013

our time is begin

We got so much to prove
Hoping they approve
Everything we ever do
Are doing what others tell us to do
Hiking high mountain
To find us growing distance from the fountain

It is the time to break the rule
Before we grow dull
Insist the world give us apple
Before we turn to cripple

Reality hits us on the chest
Kick us from our sheltered nest
Tears stream down to our cheeks
Like a motherless chicks

Throw the past, seek the future
Looking through this magnificent nature
Finding our hidden pride
Put our worries aside

Keep on going and taste the stars
Keep on growing and raise the bars
We're living life with the A's down to the Z's
After the hill we got mountain to seize